“What happens when great art mixes with your homepage?”

I’m lost, tell me. Oh wait, nothing.

Google have implemented an ‘artist themes’ capability for your iGoogle home page, which doesn’t really skin your page so much as simply replace the negative white space surrounding the iGoogle banner with a background image of your choice. It’s not terribly original, and the text can become difficult to read without the ability to modify (and save to profile) the CSS. The range of options include Jeff Koons and BAPE designer NIGO, as well as “artists” Dolce & Gabbana (and links to all their respective websites, so this is proper!). And perhaps most entertainingly, a theme for the band Coldplay which is actually perhaps the best-known painting by Delacroix, google’s version sans exposed breasts. A little confusing, a little useless, but if you’re the kind of person who likes every possible page for all your logins, accounts, profiles, etc. skinned to your flavor, then have at it! If not, keep reading!