it was an art-filled evening fo sho!

after work I first headed over to Deitch Projects with my friend Sarah Glidden to see the ‘exhibition of sculpture and creepy pathological little gifts’ for Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep. The latter part of that quote is accurate, some of the little gifts were indeed very creepy and definitely pathological! However not so much ‘sculpture’, more like set-prop-cum-installation. My ongoing fascination with how some things are built for installations meant that at one point I became much more interested in the fabrication of the table on which Gondry’s cardboard construction tube-city sat, than the work itself. As I kneeled down to view the underside and see where some wires were emerging from, the gallery sitter laughed and complimented me, for being the first person to inspect the underside!

Afterwards Sarah and I walked towards Washington Square and met up with my mates Ashley and Josh. We all then arrived at the George Maciunas opening at the Maya Stendhal Gallery in Chelsea. While Maciunas is perhaps better-known for his more playful, object-oriented work, this was an exhibition of notes, maps, charts: analytical data, a little cold and conceptual; but the vitrines were nice and contained some materials that have been in recent conversations, such as an invoice for a flat on Mercer Street (recently discussed in a conversation about artists and gentrification, areas, etc.).

maciunas map with bordersnotespunter, wall chart, vitrine with materialpassport and invoicepunters and vitrines

Still not over!

Moving along, Josh, Ashley and I made our way home to watch Onibaba on the roof, along with other people. The screening is the first in a new ‘microcinema’ to take place at Flux Factory every Thursday evening, being spearheaded by one of our newest flatmates, Mikey Barringer, who brings this event from Ann Arbor where he used to help run the Bluish Barn microcinema (next week the bill will be Project Grizzly – the inspiration for a future exhibition at Flux Factory).

We ended the evening playing video games.