995 fifth avenue

still worked up by those Steelworks ads, then I remembered this ad from the NYTimes Magazine from a couple weeks back: an 8000+ square foot residencies available on Fifth Avenue – ‘the finest on fifth’. Only $31 million. I currently live in an 8000 sq. ft. loft space, albeit with 17 people! We live in rooms the size of these walk-in-closets. And they have 9 bathrooms – we have 3! My main concern however isn’t the division of wealth inherent in this ad, but the layout, the architecture! The place looks terribly organized! If you’re in the Library and want to get to the Wet Bar (an activity I frequently engage in), you have to walk approximately 150 feet! I couldn’t be bothered – I’d have to design a ‘wet bar cart’ to tow around with me!

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