Fact: America was founded on Representative government.
Fact: Whites are 72.4% of the population; females account for ~51%.
Fact: ALL the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee of the 113th Congress are white males.


Furthermore: one of the first resolutions of 2014’s session of congressional representatives was the introduction of HR 7, No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.

HR 7 specifically takes aim at the District of Columbia:

Prohibits the inclusion of abortion in any health care service furnished by a federal or District of Columbia health care facility or by any physician or other individual employed by the federal government or the District.

The District of Columbia has a non-voting delegate by the name of Eleanor Norton, who was not allowed to speak – to be representative – to the Judiciary Committee on the introduction of this un-Constitutional bill. Would you guess that Eleanor is a non-White female:


They wouldn’t even let her speak.

Truly fascinating, this representative government!

[h/t Rachael Maddow]