moving ahead with the installation at work; things somewhat feel like they are returning to … Normal.

just catching up to 100+ emails, a deluge of RSS feeds (more soon on this topic!) and a host of other tendings to before things really are back in my control. other goings ons ins arts include Hunter’s MFA Open Studios tomorrow evening (and Saturday but the exciting event is tomorrow) from 6-10pm; my friend Kerry Downey is a graduate there, and her work is hot shit, none of that luke warm crap lots of others are churning out, real steamy piping hot art! Unfortunately it’s paintings. But you should still go! It’ll be a hollerin’ good time!

Edit: after a brief exchange of words with Kerry, I should clarify: she is a painter, albeit a painter whom I’ve told that she will go into Hunter showing ‘paintings’ and emerge an artist who applies or uses paint on top of other mediums, which is what she had on display this time around: painting and plaster and other mediums applied to cloth, paper, and the walls themselves, among other work.