another busy week in the arts (last week).

previously mentioned, there was the Homo Bellicus show on Friday night.

the rest of my activity was on Saturday which included first seeing a really hot collection of posters on view at the main Paula Cooper Gallery on W 21st Street, a benefit for the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, which I previously honestly was not too aware of.

just across the street from this was the La Superette shopping fair – which my work got ‘rejected’ from, more on that later! – and the Holiday Hackshop at Eyebeam which included some workshops and inflatables (the workshops which aligned themselves overwhelmingly more with the craftiness of La Superette, but which still managed to be interesting). while in the vicinity i went gallery hopping with some friends and saw some interesting work, including an umbrella by Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, which reminded me, given the one object bathed in the light of another work, of the Dan Flavin work I saw just a few days prior; some new paintings by Ellsworth Kelly (those are two canvases, one stacked on top of the other; I was most interested in the layers of shadows such a stacking made – a little too hard to see in this photo sorry!); and some paintings (from across the street originally thought to be photographs) by Jason Brooks that I’m sure sell for exuberantly large sums of dosh (Jason is English y’see).

Sunday was simply spent cleaning my studio and preparing for new work, and visiting friends in Manhattan and Brooklyn for the evening. Oh and did I mention I also work a full-time job? Bleh!