Volume 2 of the AFROPUNK Mixtape is out, with appearances by Chuck D and Fishbone among other notables. Full track listing below. Looking forward to the next two, three, thirty, infinite number of this mixtape releases. Jam on:

AFROPUNK MIXTAPE 002: Black Lives Always Mattered
Chants of “black lives matter” envelop the streets, as thousands converge to declare what should be self-evident. But black lives always mattered. At the same moment that a generation wakes up and discovers the power of its voice, another sleeping giant has woken after 14 years of silence to record what could be the defining album of 2014. From D’Angelo’s Black Messiah to underground acts like Laughing Man’s Be Black Baby, December 2014 has been a month of both continued unrest and growing strength. AFROPUNK’s 2nd mixtape: Black Lives Always Mattered features some of the best songs released this month from D’Angelo, We Are Shining, The OBGMs, a classic track from Fishbone, and an exclusive remix of an unreleased J Cole track.

1. Intro – Cypher (August 2014, December 2014)
2. J Cole vs Project Black Pantera – Be Free (Remix)
3. Laughing Man – Brilliant Colors
4. D’Angelo – 1000 Deaths
5. Interlude – Spike Lee / Michaela Angela Davis (December 2014)
6. Alice Smith – Shell Shock
7. We Are Shining – Hot Love
8. The OBGMs – Ijuswannaluvuallthetime
9. Kendrick Lamar – Untitled (Live)
10. Interlude – Chuck D (August 2013)
11. De La Soul (feat Chuck D) – The People
12. Girl In A Thunderbolt – Silver Phoenix
13. Interlude – Michaela Angela Davis (December 2014)
14. Charlie Belle – Get To Know
15. Blake Diamond & The Pearls – Black Is Beautiful
16. Fishbone – Riot
17. Project Black Pantera РExecuc̣o na Av 38
18. Young Fathers – Soon Come Soon
19. Interlude – Melissa Harris Perry
20. Hadassa – Lead Balloon
21. Outro – Rip MC