I worked 14 hours yesterday. Not a double, but nearly. I work non-profit and at 12:15am when I’m leaving the office and going down into the subway, the last thing I’m expecting is for there to be no N or W train service to Queens.

In fact, I went down the subway at Canal Street, and like a responsible straphanger, I read all the posted signage. there was NO MENTION of cancelled N or W service past 57 Street.

I got on the first train to arrive, an N local to Astoria. Just before 8 Street, the conductor announces that this N train terminates at 57 Street. Okay, I’ll just transfer there to the next Queens-bound train I think to myself. Then he announces, in fact there’s NO Queens local trains to Astoria tonight. No explanation why. He recommends transferring at 42 Street/Times Square for the 7 train to Queensboro Plaza, where shuttle buses are running to Astoria.

Ahhhhhh fuck!

About 80% of the train empties at Times Square, and we don’t really need to rush to the 7 platform for fear of it being packed, because it already is! Hundreds and hundreds of hot sweaty subway commuters are standing shoulder to shoulder, mere inches from the platform edge because it’s so crowded. When the first 7 train arrives, it’s difficult for the people already on the train to get off because everybody fears not being able to get on – people push, shove and shout, and there’s no official staff present to assist boarding the subway. This author and many others wouldn’t even dare, it almost seemed dangerous to attempt.

And even once the second 7 train of my journey home arrived, the travel time home was obviously delayed due to signal issues, and the train crawled along. I didn’t get home until after 2am (I live off 40 Street/Lowery Street stop in Sunnyside).

Thank you MTA for the perfect cap to an already grueling and unforgettable day.