CSM on Broadway

first off, it should be said that I’m one of these people who is continually fascinated by the world I live in, and that I’m in NYC even, and all of this adds up to me continually looking around, always rubbernecking to look at something I pass, or watching for changes in the world around me – from the drastic such as a new condo being built to the subtle such as a weed growing in some settled dirt on a window ledge – even though I pass some of the same places routinely.

having said that run-on sentence, walking along Broadway en route to work this morning, passing the Puma store that I’ve passed a thousand other times (probably literally a thousand times), I noticed they have some shoes on display and a transparent window banner ‘Central Saint Martins MA student design competition’. CSM as I affectionately refer to it was, of course, my college. I love the thought of simply walking down a street and stumbling upon something related to your alumni. This is how the culture industry works! I thought.

I didn’t go inside (they weren’t open yet) but will be sure to in the coming days (and report back, no doubt).

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