I’m still giddy at the thought with what happened yesterday. Sara Valentine (bottom-left) had an idea for Batala NYC – an all-women Afro-Brazilian drum line/marching band – to perform at the Ticker-Tape Parade for the US Women’s National Football Team, for their victory in the 2015 Women’s World Cup.

Knowing who to talk to, I was able to connect the band with the Office of the Mayor, in >24 hours the band was able to scramble and organize, and then there they were on stage at the Keys to the City reception (not the Ticker-Tape Parade proper). And I’m deeply honored that the band asked me to hoist their banner at the event. I tried to bounce around a bit but it was a short set and there was an articulating camera-arm that kind of locked me in to one side of the stage. Also, nerves. Even I was nervous – so I can’t imagine how they do what they do all the time.

Their energy is intense. Seek to 19:00 for Batala NYC’s performance: