Always plenty to do, and the Snow Don’t Stop NYC. Here’s a couple things to consider this weekend (starting today that is!) if you’re looking for activities:

the Zlatne Uste Golden Festival is a two-day/two-night (starting NOW!) Balkan brass band music festival – aka “a really big party”:

schedule and lineups at their website

Opening tonight is the EFA (Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts) show “I Like the Art World and the Art World Likes Me”

20 hot-shit artists, this show has a ton of potential!

Saturday & Sunday from 11am – 10:30pm, it’s a two-day NERD fest gaming event, RECESS, hosted by NerdNYC (a non-profit bringing gamers, geeks, nerds and tron-o-philes together):

the Museum of the Moving Image opens tomorrow to the public (it looks like it’s not free, contrary to other reports) after nearly two years of expansion and renovation – the initial reviews are of course phenomenal (and the new website is MUCH better to find the content you’re looking for):

After the museum’s regular hours are over, it will re-open in the evening with an awesome line-up of electronic noise-makers, music hackers and circuit benders, SIGNAL to NOISE:

hope to see you out and aboot!