the opening night of this month’s series of Fat Lipstick film screenings and performances kicks off with a special appearance by the World Famous Bob, burlesque artist and entertainer extraordinaire, followed by a screening of Terrifying Girls’ High School: Lynch Law Classroom (1973) by Norifumi Suzuki. Events begin promptly at 9pm and the popcorn is on us, as in free, not on us as in you have to eat it off of us, although that’s not so far-fetched given the premise of tonight’s events! excerpt from Terrifying Girls’ High School: IMDB link to film the World Famous Bob: Bob’s MySpace profile ADMISSION IS FREE complete details and schedule and directions on Flux Factory website
this is not an advertisement every Wednesday next month will feature some select movies screened out at Flux Factory, likely in our Lounge (I don’t suspect the weather will stay nice for the Roof), as part of my roomie François’ programme Fat Lipstick. here’s what he has to say: Here’s the guideline for this one-month long film program: bad taste, saturated levels of color, heavy make-up, cartoonish characters, theatrical violence, domineeringly psychosexual women, larger than life pop art settings, & a healthy disregard for all forms of authority: religious/moral, legal, political, and last but not least, the authority of the established aesthetic tradition! And yes, you can bring your mum: there’ll be make-up for everyone! I’ll put up reminder posts with more specific info as each event nears but if you want to pencil these in your books now, here’s what will be featured: Wed. Nov. 7, 2007 at 9pm…Continue Reading
as in, I’m taking it back over two weeks now. Recaps are kinda frequent around these parts, because sometimes activities – life – take over to the extent that there just isn’t enough time to sum it all up. Hell sometimes there’s barely enough time to sleep! Things have definitely slowed down a bit now, and all for the best, I need a little rest. But it’s been a good run the past 15 or so days: Halloween I think I might prefer the grounds upon which Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated – coupled with an aversion to the commodity nature of so many American holidays – but of course Halloween is guaranteed to be a pretty fun fucking time! Especially in a city like New York City, where it is that one time of the year where it really seems quite natural to be riding the subway with a…Continue Reading