ever read the Magnum Photos blog? neither had I, until today (of course it’s only been around since December 06, but still… why didn’t anyone tell me sooner!) (photo by Martin Parr, c 2007) a photo at the top of every post (see above!) sucks you in, and while the posts might number as few as two/month, Magnum have employed nearly 20 of some of their best photographers and photojournalists (and others) to double as bloggers; I found their blog through another post about Martin Parr, an artist and Magnum photographer whose work has managed to both excite me and nearly induce vomiting over the years. his employment of saturation is key to this effect. although these images (above and below) aren’t typical of his luscious content, there is a slight sinisterism to them that nonetheless arouses one’s suspicion: the many bags abound; the Arab in the traditional white garb…Continue Reading
the just-mentioned and increasingly searched (according to my stats) Burj Dubai building struck by lighting: On an aside my webhost is really fukhing with me these days. I can’t auto-create thumbnails of the above images anymore because suddenly they’ve dropped some PHP library support. I guess with the new month they rolled out some new code and for anybody unwilling or unable to pay $50/month for the primo-package you get left in the dust. Even though everything worked before they don’t simply drop support they remove the code entirely! So I’ll have to be moving webhosts again soon in the next month I reckon. Yeah I’m really looking forward to that.
I originally thought this might by the KLVY-TV mast in North Dakota but I was wrong. Appears to be some guy-wired radio mast in Russia originally taken by Victor Professor (some great photos of high-altitude icing there!). His stuff is in Russian so don’t worry you won’t be able to read anything, but the photos are marvelous! Now imagine the radio mast in North Dakota is 2.3 times taller than the radio mast his images come from! And imagine furthermore that the Burj Dubai recently surpassed the KLVY-TV mast as the tallest structure in the world and will double as the tallest building upon its completion later this year. And a video about high voltage cable repairmen that remains one of my favorite videos on the nets: High Voltage Cable Inspection Uploaded by monnotman I hope more people who work these jobs, window washing the Burj Dubai or scaling the…Continue Reading
New York City, whose population of nearly nine million consists of nearly one million – one in nine – financial services workers who generate “more than a third of business income tax revenues” for the city and state. There are fears that NYC is starting to slip on its competitive heels as other cities such as London and Dubai move more in step with the contemporary market, since their countries – culturally and legally – “far more effectively discourage frivolous litigation.” Uh huh. Even a tiny burst in the financial morale market could lead to a shift in the housing market, and drive real estate prices down. What does this mean for artists? Well, it means those condos and lofts they’re developing in Red Hook, Brooklyn might actually become a tenable purchase – since we all know no artist would be caught dead living in a place like Forest Hills,…Continue Reading
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So I just had a weird case of internet coincidence. Where I work, we have presented a few talks by Mike Godwin, who is currently a research fellow at Yale University. Anyhow, I was trolling through some of our archives, saw his name and that led me to look up something-or-other related to him; I don’t think I found what I was looking for, but I did find a wikipedia entry about an adage – Godwin’s Law – that he coined in 1990. The law states: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one. My first reaction was, ‘Cmon, Bollocks!’ I’ve been on the nets for a looooooong time now, and while I can admit seeing a good number of discussions and threads break down to this language and verbal assaults, I can’t say it’s a predominant aspect of online threads.…Continue Reading