What begins with a simple panning swoop-shot quickly goes haywire and becomes a frame-by-frame walkthrough of the former “graffiti mecca” known as 5 Pointz. The video gives a pretty detailed glimpse to the non-operating interior of the building sometimes also called Fun Factory; by this point all the artists had cleared their studios out, wherein over 100 people formerly held camp.

The video proper says the footage was shot 6 days before the whitewashing; this website says 2. The whitewashing would become one of the worst PR blunders possible, even for a developer about to reap a massively multi-million dollar reward for holding out for 4 decades. All that money, and no finesse.

Unfortunately the whole “5 POINTZ IN 5 MINUTES-HD” video cannot be embedded, so you’ll have to go here to watch it in full: http://www.footprint.tv/media/270534

It’s great to see some close-ups of work on the rooftop and in other places that was generally only glimpsed for a brief second from the 7 subway that ran alongside the facility.

The video is so detailed, I wonder if a mapping of the art back onto a 3D model isn’t also possible…