I’m nearly a full year behind editing photos and uploading them for…posterity? The impulse isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still interesting to consider some of the journeys along the way. This one was memorable for several reasons, especially considering some of the things that have happened *since* then *to* now (something I couldn’t have reflected upon immediately after the journey itself).

The quick context is that for 2018’s New Year’s Eve (so December 31, 2017) I went on a pre-midnight walking tour with some mates and we saw some things. To celebrate the affair I made a Spotify playlist of all the musicians who passed in 2017 (embedded below or go to this link). The evening started out with a pretty wacky – if quick – tour of the Dyker Heights Xmas lights:

With some pier, park, and graveyard views along the ~10-mile journey on foot:

Early on I strapped a camera to my chest and got some timelapse stuff, but the absolutely frigid cold of the evening killed the battery pretty quickly; that said I always try and compress my videos to ~1 minute so this is about 2 hours of walking in 1 minute:

In the end I say, “Good Riddance!”