Flava in Ya (Flushing, Queens) Ear

Throw back! It’s 1994 and Jersey-born Suffolk County-raised Craig Mack releases “Flava in Ya Ear” which tops at #9 on US Billboard, #4 on R&B and #1 on Rap charts; it features throughout the music video prominent shots of structures throughout Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. There’s the Queens Theatre in the Park flying saucer buildings, the Unisphere, and my favorite sighting the Great Hall at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) – where at one point Craig Mack becomes a colorful but frame-dropping hologram! The Great Hall was built for the ’64/’65 World’s Fair and last year used as the staging area for 2010′s World Maker Faire tesla coil performances by Arc Attack (below). You see, I have or had, the Flava in Ya Ear single on LP, way back when – so that song has a special place in my heart. I don’t remember the music video at all to be honest, but the LP (if I still have it), lives in a box in the basement of my good friend John Pitts, and it was his twin brother Jello who just yesterday put up Craig Mack’s video on his facebook wall – so you see, it’s all full circle now! Life is weird like that, no?

4 thoughts on “Flava in Ya (Flushing, Queens) Ear

  1. great blog. Makes me look at a video I know well in a whole new light. Now when I come to NY, you’ll have to take me to these places.

  2. Like I say I know I had it at one time, but I don’t remember putting it away in those boxes – and I have a pretty good memory for those moments. So I might have sold it or whatever, years ago – that I wouldn’t remember.

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