The weather was inclement and I got pretty well rained on twice, but I guess if you’re gonna get rained on I’d rather be rained on while on Fire Island than in Queens! Specifically, these shots are from the Davis Park area of the island, further east than the Pines or the typical beach-tourist areas. Big ups to my friend Sam Shamoo for inviting me out for the day, and giving me a tour. I never realized how accessible the whole area is, until you have a way in. And then you realize it’s really right next door – reaffirming my belief in the awesomeness that is the East Coast and this Long Island I live on in particular (yes, Brooklyners, you live on Long Island too!). Because it was a weekday, and because the weather was iffy, that meant there was almost no stragglers on the beaches and throughout the trails, which was both wonderful and spooky.

Everybody on the island is especially friendly, and talkative, and it was pretty simple to strike up conversations in passing. After all, if you’re there – from the “main land” or in from the city – you clearly want to be there, you made the effort, and so you might as well enjoy yourself and the company around you.

Captions to follow:

Lots of lovely trails in the area.

Sam’s BIG Bench, I mean it’s BIG! Anchored to a ridiculously giant tree that washed ashore some years ago. It’s confusing where in the hell a tree like that came from, probably from 50+ miles away.

A whale’s invertebrate bone looks like a skull from above!

Some say bocce but I say it’s more likely a horseshoe box.

There are many wonderful people on and passing through the island, daily:

A local deli, “featuring”… spices!

The western edge of the National Seashore – enacted September 11, 1964, this stretch of federally protected land is undeveloped, forever more.

Bone Sign.

Zoom in. You’ll see the local post office is only open in July and August. And oh yeah it’s also a free lending library! 11772 you rock!

And lastly there is some truly unique and stunning architecture on the island – I wish there was an ‘open house’ type event so I could see the interiors of all these domiciles:

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